Surprise: You will never guess whose cloud infrastructure Zoom is running on




In December 2019, the maximum number of daily meeting participants, both free and paid, conducted on Zoom was approximately 10 million. On April 2nd, the number reached 200 million daily meeting participants. By April 3rd week, the number increased by another 100 million. Zoom announced last week that it has surpassed 300 million daily meeting participants.

How did a small startup like Zoom manage to handle such high volumes of requests in such a small period of time? The answer is cloud infrastructure. When it comes to cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure and AWS come to our mind. Surprisingly, Zoom has been using Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. Right now, Zoom is transferring upwards of seven petabytes through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure servers each day, roughly equivalent to 93 years of HD video.

According to Oracle’s press release, Zoom selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for its advantages in performance, scalability, reliability and superior cloud security.

Within hours of deployment, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supported hundreds of thousands of concurrent Zoom meeting participants. After achieving full production, Zoom is now enabling millions of simultaneous meeting participants on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure will help Zoom scale to continue to deliver flawless service to its customer base, adapt to changing demands, and lead the video communications industry.

“We recently experienced the most significant growth our business has ever seen, requiring massive increases in our service capacity. We explored multiple platforms, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was instrumental in helping us quickly scale our capacity and meet the needs of our new users,” said Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan. “We chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because of its industry-leading security, outstanding performance, and unmatched level of support.”

“Video communications has become an essential part of our professional and personal lives, and Zoom has led this industry’s innovation,” said Oracle CEO Safra Catz. “We are proud to work with Zoom, as both their cloud infrastructure provider and as a customer, while they grow and continue to connect businesses, people and governments around the world.”


AWS PR team sent us the following note to clarify that Zoom is also a AWS customer.

AWS has actually provided and continues to provide the majority of Zoom’s cloud infrastructure.

Source: Oracle

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