batteries of Z Fold 4 with model numbers of EB-BF936ABY and EB-BF937ABY
The batteries of Z Fold 4 with model numbers of EB-BF936ABY and EB-BF937ABY. (Image credits to GalaxyClub).

We are all still waiting for the full spec list of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and as the days go by, we’re getting more and more insights into what to expect. Here’s what we know so far: it could be cheaper than its predecessors, it might be smaller and thinner than Z Fold 3, and it might not feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. Now, let’s talk about battery and screen size. According to reports, a wider screen will be gracing the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but here’s the downside: no better battery size to await.

The discovery was uncovered by GalaxyClub through a South Korean inspection body. The safety listing presents two images of batteries, which don’t provide explicit information that they are for the Fold 4. However, the certification is the giveaway. The photos have the model numbers EB-BF936ABY and EB-BF937ABY, while the Z Fold 4 has the numbers SM-F936.

Now, here’s the reason why the new batteries don’t impress initially – the first battery has a rated capacity of 2002 mAh while the second has 2268 mAh. The numbers sum up to a rated capacity of 4270 mAh. This means the Galaxy Z Fold 4 won’t significantly differ from the two batteries of the Z Fold 3, which have a total rated capacity of 4275 mAh. Apparently, Fold 4’s typical capacity advertisement will likely be higher, but it will certainly not be that different from the 4400 mAh of Galaxy Z Fold 3.

On a positive note, we can expect an improved performance in the battery usage of Galaxy Z Fold 4, thanks to the anticipated Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus. The new chip is also expected to deliver better heat management in Fold 4. Apart from that, it is rumored that Fold 4 will come with a smaller and slimmer body. With this, staying at almost the same battery capacity is essentially a good thing. That means you will have a smaller phone with the same battery and (hopefully) better performance.