Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 could be cheaper than their predecessors

April 21, 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will be the company’s upcoming foldable phones, and as per recent rumors, Samsung is not very far from bringing them to the public eye. Now, according to Display analyst Ross Young, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will be cheaper than their predecessors.

Young also says that Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 production for July is more than double what it’s for the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. If it’s true, Samsung must be quite confident in what they’re doing with new foldable phones and expects more consumers to buy them.

Samsung reducing the price of its new foldable phones is good news for consumers and encourages other phone makers to explore the form factor without worrying about the sales number. More companies entering the foldable phone market would, in turn, mean more competition which promotes innovation.

We recently heard from another source that Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be smaller and thinner than its predecessor. And if this is true, then besides being cheaper, the Z Fold 4 will also be a more compact phone than the Z Fold 3.

Rumor has it that Galaxy Z Fold 4 will feature a fingerprint sensor embedded inside the power button on the side of the device, just like its predecessor. However, we will have to hear from more reliable sources before believing this. Meanwhile, Vivo X Fold will reportedly come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are expected to launch in the third quarter of this year. A couple of months ago, we also heard from sources that these new foldable phones are a slightly better version of their predecessors. We’ll have to wait till the launch to find out what Samsung has to offer.

Meanwhile, you can share your opinions about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 in the comments section.

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