You will soon be able to use the same WhatsApp account on two phones

November 14, 2022
WhatsApp community

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Meta recently announced a bunch of new features for WhatsApp users, and all these features will soon be available for everyone across the world. The WhatsApp messenger will also be getting other new features beyond Community, 32-person video calling, in-chat polls, and creating groups with up to 1024 users. Of all the upcoming announced features, the Companion Mode might be the most useful for some users.

What Companion Mode does is that it allows you to link your existing WhatsApp account to another Android tablet or handset. This means you will be able to use the same WhatsApp account on two different Android phones and tablets. You can link your new Android phone with the existing WhatsApp account the same way you set up WhatsApp web for the first time, except that the “Link a device” option will appear on the registration page when you open WhatsApp for the first time. You can see the screenshot below to learn more about how it will allow you to link your new Android handset.

WhatsApp Companion Mode
Image: WABetainfo

After the device linking is successful, you will see all your WhatsApp chats and call records on the new device. You can link up to four devices, so technically, there should not be any issue if you are planning to use the same WhatsApp account on four different Android smartphones. Companion Mode is available for some beta testers, so do not expect it to work perfectly now. As pointed out by WABetainfo, the ability to view live locations and manage broadcast lists, and stickers are not working as you would link.

If you have not got Companion Mode even after being a beta tester, you should wait for a few more days. It should be available to all beta testers before rolling out to the general public. And if you have already got it, you can share your experience in the Comments section.

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