Minecraft’s 10th anniversary is almost here (happy birthday in advance, Minecraft!) and to celebrate, Mojang have released Minecraft Classic.

Minecraft Classic runs in your browser and contains everything from just 32 blocks to build with, every single original Minecraft bug (for authenticity), and a delightfully original interface.

If you’re really feeling nostalgic, pair your time in Minecraft Classic with a romp back into Old School RuneScape, a quick check in on your old Neopets, and a wistful reminisce about Club Penguin.

You can play Minecraft Classic right here. No downloads or installation required, just your browser window and a nice pair of rose-tinted glasses.

In other Minecraft news, Microsoft appeared to tease a Minecraft AR mobile game during their Build 2019 keynote. You can watch the teaser for the game below.

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We’ll be learning more about Minecraft AR on May 17th which, not-so-coincidentally, is Minecraft’s 10th birthday.

Minecraft fans also helped raise over $100,000 for charity the other day after the The Travelling Trader pack hit 100,000 downloads. Mojang donated a bonus $90,000 to charity: water after donating $10,000 to the same charity earlier in the year.

The game also received its biggest update yet on April 23rd. The Village & Pillage update was released for both Java and Bedrock versions and came with tons of new features, including pillagers, the Wandering Trader, and new trades for villagers.

Source: Official Minecraft blog.