Xiaomi’s unannounced clamshell foldable phone comes to life in a new design concept

by Rahul
November 21, 2019

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Xiaomi seems to be very ambitious about foldable smartphones, like all the major smartphone manufacturers. The company recently filed a patent(published by China National Intellectual Property Administration), which talks about a clamshell foldable smartphone, similar to Motorola’s RAZR foldable phone.

Now based on the previous patent, folks at WindowsUnited have produced a 360-degree video and high resolution render images, giving us some ideas about what Xiaomi’s clamshell foldable phone could look like.

In Xiaomi’s yet-to-be-announced RAZR-like foldable phone, you can see a rectangular screen at the front, and at the back, there is a dual-camera setup. Taking selfies with the smartphone will require you to unfold the device as the selfie camera is going to be located on the upper bezel in the interior.

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Just for a quick refresher, Xiaomi posted a 10-second teaser in early 2019, giving us a few glimpses of what its foldable smartphone might look like. The device folds inwards from both the left and right side, producing a compact sandwich which passably resembles a phone, especially with the power button on top.

Aside from Xiaomi, Samsung too, is working on a foldable clamshell smartphone and as per sources, it is going to launch the device at Mobile World Congress 2020.

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