Samsung teases clamshell folding Galaxy Fold 2 at SDC 2019


29, 2019

There has been a number of rumours that the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be a clamshell device like the Motorola Razr.

Now Samsung appears to have all but confirmed it at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019.

Samsung explained that folding phones do not just allow normal phones to become small tablets, but also large phones to fold into smaller devices.

Samsung had earlier patented a number of interesting form factors, including a folding clamshell which could fold both ways and featured an extra-wide hinge area which brought a number of useful options, such as using the rear camera for selfies.

At the conference, Samsung was appealing to developers to support their new adaptable platform.

Samsung is expected to present the new device formally at Mobile World Congress 2020, for release later in the year.

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