Xbox Series X has a ring on its bottom for better air flow

July 1, 2020
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Microsoft’s next generation Xbox Series X console may have shown off its front, back and sides, but have you ever thought about it’s tooshie? (That means butt, by the way.)

Well, if you’ve had naughty thoughts about the Xbox Series X bottom, you probably expected the system to just sit on a surface flat. Silly goose! Silly, stupid, little goose! Microsoft liked that bottom so much they put a ring on it!

Shown off by YouTuber Brad Sams, the caboose of the next-gen Xbox Series X has a rubber ring that will keep the system about an inch off of a given surface to improve the system’s air flow.

It makes sense: the next-gen Microsoft console is an impressively specced machine inside a relatively small form factor, especially when compared to the gigantic chonker that is Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5which also has impressive specs.

Sams’ picture of Microsoft’s next-gen console has been hastily photoshopped out of its originally photographed environment to cover up details of the device’s owner, but you can see the little rubber ring that will help the air graciously flow throughout the system. Beautiful.

Xbox Series X bottom ring

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