Microsoft Xbox Series X price leaks ahead of official launch

August 17, 2020

Get your drink on: A Monster Energy promotion may have just revealed the all important Xbox Series X price. Oh, and it’s pricey. 

This news comes from a Monster Energy promotional compaign for the recently delayed Halo Infinite. While the game may no longer be releasing this November alongside the next-gen Xbox Series X, the Monster Energy promotion is still going ahead as planned.

While brand cooperation for naff drinks is extremely interesting, the more interesting part of this brand deal is that we can now estimate the Xbox Series X price. Get yourself strapped in for some Monster Energy maths. It’s like normal maths but it’s totally gamer.

Now, looking at the terms and conditions of the Monster Energy promotion shows that the valuation of the competition prizes is $119,998. The valuation includes an Xbox Series X console for 200 first place winners.

Now, saddle up. $119,998 divided by 200 equals… uno momento por favor… $599.99! The promotion also includes a copy of Halo Infinite for every winner which will retail at $59.99 when it launches next year. If you take away the game’s price, the Xbox Series X price should be $539.99!

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Microsoft has been cagey with the Xbox Series X price, much like Sony with the price of the PlayStation 5. It’s been suggested by multiple analysts and industry heads that both companies are waiting for the other to reveal the price of their consoles in order to undercut them.

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