A new Resident Evil survey from Japanese developer Capcom has asked players if they’ll be purchasing an Xbox Series X Digital Edition console.

While PlayStation has revealed that their next-gen console will have two separate SKUs – PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X console has only been revealed to have a single disc-based system.

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Of course, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X is reported to be accompanied by a lower-power Xbox Series S, there has been no news surrounding an Xbox Series X Digital Edition console as of yet.

However, Resident Evil developer Capcom may have provided a hint that there may be an Xbox Series X Digital Edition sometime in the future through the use of a new survey used to gather interest on their upcoming next-gen Resident Evil 8 video game.

Xbox Series X Digital Only Console Edition

The Capcom survey asks players which console they’re likely to purchase Resident Evil 8: Village on, giving survey takers the following options: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Only Console, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X Digital Only.

The survey does state “(if available)” on the option for a digitally only Xbox Series X console. While this could be just another option to judge player thoughts on digital purchases, the Digital Only Series X console could be used in place of Xbox Series S, a console that has been rumoured to be a digitally exclusive console.