Xbox Series S GPU is reportedly 3.97 Teraflops for 1440p gameplay

August 18, 2020
Xbox Series S GPU

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With the constant leaks of Microsoft’s budget next-gen console Xbox Series S, many have been wondering if the console’s rumoured 4 Teraflop GPU is real or not. 

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Reacting to a rather comprehensive specs sheet of the Series S compared to the higher-spec Xbox Series X by TweakTown, The Verge’s Tom Warren revealed some key information regarding the Xbox Series S GPU.

In the specs sheet, the Xbox Series X GPU is correctly labelled as a Navi 2X GPU with 52 RDNA 2.0 Compute Units clocked in at 1.825Ghz. In comparison, the Xbox Series S GPU was simply described as a Navi RDNA 2.0 GPU.

Warren took to Twitter to expand upon the specs sheet, confidential stating that the lower-spec console would have 20 Compute Units at 1.550 Ghz. That would bring the device to 3.97 Teraflops in comparison to the X’s 12.

In comparison, PlayStation’s next-gen PS5 comes in at over 10 Teraflops. Of course, Teraflops aren’t everything. With hardware ray-tracing, SSDs, more powerful CPUs and custom designed hardware, all of these next-gen consoles are shaping up to be beasts.

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