Xbox Series S Easter egg hides a secret Master Chief


12, 2020

Xbox loves hiding little secrets on its hardware. From the Hello From Seattle messaging on most Xbox devices to the picture of Master Chief riding a scorpion in the Xbox One X, there’s always something to discover and you can damn well expect an Xbox Series S Easter egg as well. 

While not etched into the system’s motherboard like the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S Easter egg can be found in a far chunkier component: its power supply.

After the Inside Xbox Series S trailer released online, Reddit user Lyrical thunder posted an image of the Xbox Series S PSU on the Xbox One subreddit, bringing attention to a certain futuristic supersoldier called John.

That’s right, looking closely at the power supply for Microsoft’s dinky next-gen machine shows the detached head of Master Chief. No body, no arms, no legs, he’s just there as a head. Check a look:

The tradition continues. Xbox Series S has a little master chief on the power supply. from xboxone

There’s no known Easter egg on the Xbox Series X as of yet. I’m hoping for a laser-etched image of Phil Spencer playing the bassoon.

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