Xbox Series S console reportedly fits inside Xbox One X shell


1, 2020

Microsoft’s unannounced lower powered alternative to the Xbox Series X, probably named Xbox Series S, is reportedly of a form factor similar to the already released Xbox One X

Revealed through an Xbox Lockhart report by Thurott, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is allegedly able to fit inside the bare plastic shell of an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, a slimmer console compared to the cuboid Xbox Series X.

The information comes from developers who have experience with Microsoft’s rules regarding how studios should disguise the next-gen console from view before their official announcements.

For the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has informed developers that the next-gen console should be hidden inside a “PC tower, subwoofer” or another large shell to hide the console within.

As for Xbox Series S, the lower power alternative of the X, Microsoft has told those with pre-retail systems to hide the machine inside of an Xbox One X or Xbox One S shell. This is a far departure from the shape of the console that many have imagined, a half-sized cube Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S reveal Xbox Lockhart
An image of the general consensus of the console’s look which is deemed to be inaccurate
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