Back when rumours of the next-gen Xbox Scarlett consoles were making their way through the internet, there was the prospect of two consoles: Lockhart and Anaconda.

With Xbox announcing that they were working on their next consoles instead of a next console, the rumours that Scarlett’s launch would see two boxes release at once was not without a basis in fact. As we’ve come to know, Xbox has already released another console since E3 2018: the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

But another reiteration of the base Xbox One wasn’t what Lockhart was meant to be. While Anaconda was to be the “next big thing”. Lockhart was going to be a next-gen system at the same level of the Xbox One X. With the new architecture powering the system, similar specs would still see an impressive gain over the Jaguar CPU-based system released today.

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It would appear that, if the idea of two consoles ever existed over at Xbox, that idea is now dead and buried.

“Last year we said consoles, and we’ve shipped a console and we’ve now detailed another console. I think that’s plural,” Head of Xbox Phil Spencer told Business Insider. “Technically, that is plural. Right now, we’re focused on Project Scarlett.”

With Xbox now adapting to a more straightforward approach to console manufacturing for the next generation – release a bloody great box that plays some solid games – fans shouldn’t be confused when the next generation launches in 2020. After all, with competitor Sony providing just one box, they don’t want to lose customers through confusion alone.