Xbox-owned game development studio inXile Entertainment has revealed their upcoming game Frostpoint. 

Described as an innovative PvPvE shooter for virtual reality headsets, the upcoming shooter turns away from the developer’s typical fantasy-based setting to deliver frantic competitive multiplayer matches with immersive gunplay.

Players are given access to a range of realistic weapons to toy with along with a suite of attachments to equip that will allow them to play through a variety of different modes: classic team deathmatch and domination.

While fighting the opposite team, Frostpoint also has you taking on hostile creatures to keep you on your toes.

“Then there’s a whole second layer with the PvE element,” said Frostpoint lead designer Pete Mayberry to uploadvr. “There’s a constant threat of these biomechanical creatures coming out from every direction.”

You’ll be fighting against the enemy team and turn the corner then you’re faced with these hulking creatures. It’s a great dynamic to deal with those things and then deal with the other team and try to win the day against these two forces.”

Despite Microsoft owning inXile Entertainment after last year’s acquisition, this title is unlikely to come to Xbox consoles. With Xbox boss Phil Spencer dismissing the format’s advancements, claiming the experience is too “isolating”, Xbox VR is unlikely to come anytime soon. inXile is also working on Wasteland 3, a multiplatform RPG that will be available soon.

After these two projects are finished, inXile will be working on their next big project, their first Xbox exclusive title. While not much is known about the game, studio head Brian Fargo has revealed that it will be an RPG made in Unreal Engine 5.