Xbox documentary, Power On, launches this December

November 16, 2021
Power On

During last nights Xbox 20th-Anniversary Celebration presentation Xbox announced a documentary, Power On, which covers the “untold story of the people behind the box, glitches and all.” 

Whether you’re an Xbox fan or not, the Power On documentary looks poised to provide an often unseen look into the development of a console, as well as its games, at a time when Microsoft was still all about its Office suite of programs. 

Throughout the six-part series, we’ll see the scrappy beginning of the Xbox console which came to us from a dedicated team of DirectX employees. The story will also show us the trials and tribulations faced by this new project before it rose to become the success we know it as today. 

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Power On is due to release on December 13th 2021 as a six-part series. Xbox hasn’t said everywhere that the series will release, only stating that Power On will be available on a “variety of video platforms.” 

Xbox fans over at Xbox FanFest will be able to get an early viewing of the documentary, however, the date for this has not been specified.

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