Windows 11 may only be a few months old, but Microsoft is reportedly already planning its successor, with the development of Windows 12 supposedly set to begin next month. 

That’s according to the German tech site, who claim that, according to their inside source, Microsoft is set to begin development on Windows 12 in March, despite Windows 11 only recently being released in October. 

As Tom’s Hardware notes, this report was seemingly corroborated by Swift On Security, who claimed in a Tweet that “according to a source at Microsoft, Windows 12 is already under development and it’s going to require two TMPs.” While this quickly stoked speculation, Swift On Security revealed shortly after that the tweet was “supposed to be a joke,” so we’re left with only one tenuous source for now. 

While there’s not much concrete evidence that Microsoft is already working, or planning to work, on Windows 12, it’s hardly a surprise that the developers of Windows are making another edition of the software that they’ve been making since 1985. 

Even if Windows 12 is soon to be entering development, we’ll likely be left waiting for quite a while until we hear anything official from Microsoft themselves, since the development will likely be a multi-year process. 

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While we might be waiting for quite a while for news on Windows 12, thankfully Windows 11 is seeing no shortage of updates, even if they’re not all for the better.