Windows 11 Pro installation will soon require an internet connection


18, 2022

Microsoft has announced that later on this year, new installations of Windows 11 Pro will require both an internet connection and a Microsoft Account. 

Microsoft previously positioned Windows 11 Pro as the version of Windows to get if you didn’t have an internet connection or a Microsoft Account, however, new users, unfortunately, won’t have that luxury as a Microsoft Account will soon be required during the initial setup of Windows. 

While this is a frustrating change for those who don’t want a Microsoft Account, we can hardly say it’s all too surprising, as Microsoft has been increasingly pushing Windows users towards a Microsoft Account recently, so much so that it’s already a requirement for Windows 11 Home. 

For those dodging having a Microsoft Account, there is still some hope, as previously users of Windows 11 Home were able to find loopholes to bypass the Microsoft Account requirement. Unfortunately with the latest preview build of Windows 11, the loophole of killing “Network Connection Flow” during setup has been closed, so now there’s no escape from handing your email address over to Microsoft. 

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While Microsoft is currently testing this change in the latest preview build of Windows 11, it’s unclear just when the change will officially rollout to Windows 11 Pro, however, it will likely be within the next few months. 

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