Say goodbye to Windows 11 Tips app. Microsoft announces its deprecation today

November 8, 2023

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Microsoft is deprecating yet another useful feature from its operating system. This time, the Redmond-based tech giant is killing the Windows 11 Tips app, a built-in feature of Windows that provided users with helpful tips and tutorials. 

Though scheduled for removal, the Tips app will continue to receive updates and maintenance until its eventual retirement. While it’s unlikely to appear in the next Canary Channel insider build, its exact departure date remains undisclosed,

A deprecated feature is a functionality that is no longer considered essential and may be removed to streamline the product. It’s not exactly a “removal,” but rather a path towards it. 

Discontinuing the Tips app might pose challenges for new Windows users who rely on its guidance. And for this, Microsoft may need to bring a big update that addresses this potential concern.

Not too long ago, the tech giant also announced the deprecation of not one, but three useful features in Windows 11: the Weblicent (WebDAV), Remote Mailslots, and Computer Browser driver. They also killed Cortana assistant tool a few months back, a controversial move as many users questioned why it couldn’t have been rebranded and integrated with the Copilot feature rather than being completely eliminated.


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