Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview Channel Insiders get new Widgets and more with latest update

February 23, 2023

Microsoft recently released a new Windows Web Experience pack for Windows 11 Beta and Release Preview Channel Insiders, giving access to features, which were earlier exclusive to Dev Channel Insiders. The new Windows Web Experience pack version 423.5100.0.0 for Beta and Release Preview Channel supports many new Widgets and a more functional Snipping tool app.

Beta Channel Insiders and those in the Release Preview Channel can now check out new Widgets such as Phone Link, Messenger, Spotify, and Xbox Game Pass in the Widgets panel. All these Widgets were previously available for Dev Channel Insiders. If you are in the Release Preview Channel, you will also see Notepad with a tabbed interface and the new Snipping tool with a screen recording feature. Of course, you will need to update Notepad and Snipping tool apps from the Microsoft Store after installing the latest Windows Web Experience pack.

The timing is important here. Microsoft is readying Windows 11 Moment 2 update for a release in March. And by adding those new Widgets and a more advanced Snipping tool app to the Release Preview Channel, Microsoft is essentially saying that these changes will also be part of the Moment 2 release. But hopefully, Moment 2 will be about much more than the new Notepad, Snipping tool, and Widgets.

Other features that may make it to the Windows 11 Moment 2 release include a tablet-optimized Taskbar, new Taskbar search bar options, Energy recommendations in the Settings app, Voice access enhancements, modern system tray flyout, and more (via Windows Central). According to rumors, Microsoft will not take much time to release Moment 3. The software giant is reportedly planning to release Moment 3 in the month of May.

Do you see the changes if you are on the Beta or Release Preview Channel and have installed the latest Windows Web Experience pack? If you have checked out the new features, let us know about your experience in the comments section.

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