We have heard previously that Microsoft has fallen behind in Windows 10X development, and would be pushing back the release of the Surface Neo and other dual-screen Windows 10x products till 2021.

Part of that rumour was also however that Microsoft was still trying to get Windows 10X released for single-screened devices.

Now just such an image was spotted in the Windows 10X emulator, as uncovered by Gustave Monce.

Said to be for a single, large-screen device, it is unclear which product Microsoft is targeting, though the Surface Hub 2 running Windows 10X comes to mind.  That version of the product itself has, of course, run into developmental difficulties, likely for the same reason.

There also appears to be a version for small-screened Windows 10X single-screen devices.

Of course, Microsoft may be looking at releasing a laptop or tablet running the OS, and we will have to wait and see what Microsoft comes up with.

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