Facebook has been working to weave together their messaging apps in an effort to avoid regulators breaking up the company’s products.  In August we reported that Facebook added a “from Facebook” tag to the settings page in the WhatsApp app.

whatsapp by facebook in settings

Today Facebook has escalated the branding war by adding the “from Facebook” tag to the splash screen of the app in Dark Mode.

whatsapp by facebook spash screen

The text showed up in the latest WhatsApp beta build 2.19.332 and also includes more prominent branding in the Settings section of the app.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp in February of 2014 and initially ran the service as a separate company. Over the last year, however, there has been a  clear move to bring the up under closer control of the parent company.  Rumours hit the internet back in January when The New York Times published a report explaining the reason why WhatsApp founders quit Facebook. Later, Facebook said they weren’t ready to integrate the apps just yet, but did confirm their plan was to proceed as rapidly as possible.

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