Twitter PWA can now Share via the Windows 10 Share Dialogue

by Surur
June 16, 2018

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Twitter has continued to work on improving their Windows 10 Progressive Web App. In April they added support for Live Tiles and being a Windows 10 Share Dialogue target, in May they added support for Windows 10 Jump Lists and Night Mode, and now in June, they added support for sharing links via the Windows 10 Share Dialogue, as can be seen in the screenshot above.  Previously users were only able to share a link to the clipboard.

I think it is fair to say the PWA app has had more updates in the last 6 months than the UWP app has had in 5 years. Since it’s a PWA you don’t need to go to Microsoft Store to download the update manually  – the improvements are just there automatically next time you restart the app.

Find the app in the Store here.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free


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