Twitter’s progressive web app gets another update, this time with live tiles

Twitter for Windows 10 has been updated silently once more. As it is a progressive web-app, developers need not update it via the Microsoft Store, but can do so remotely on a server like they would a regular web-app.

This time, the firm is adding live tiles support to the app and some aesthetic changes.

Now, when on a user profile page, there is a new option which lets users pin live tiles to their start screen, just like regular UWP apps offer.

When a live tile is pinned, the option is present to resize the tiles between small, medium and large – just like you would on a regular app. You’ll see the avatar of the account, as well as a snippet of their latest tweet.

The app is now also more responsive when resizing, allowing you to see how the content would reflow as you drag the window.

Twitter is one of the first progressive web apps on the platform and shows how users can expect PWAs to work when broadly rolled out.

More PWAs are expected to come to the Windows Store in the future, and it’ll be interesting to see how takes this, especially as the firm pushes PWAs itself, and collaborated with Microsoft on PWA integration on Windows.

Find the app in the Microsoft Store here.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

Via HTNovo