Twitter defers its plan to delete inactive accounts until they can memorialize accounts of the deceased

by Anmol
November 28, 2019

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Yesterday we reported that Twitter is planning to delete the old inactive accounts to declutter the platform as well as reduce spam. As many outlets pointed out, the plan was solid except it didn’t consider the accounts of the deceased people. While the accounts aren’t active, they sure don’t need to be deleted to declutter the platform.

Twitter soon understood the problem and has now deferred the inactive account deletion plan which was set to commence on 12th December. Twitter support confirmed that the company is working on ways to memorialize the accounts of deceased and will only delete inactive accounts once that has been done.

Twitter noted that it also missed out on a key piece of information in the initial announcement. The reason for the deletion of inactive accounts was to comply with the latest GDPR policies and while Twitter always had a policy, they never enforced it on the users. However, the company has now decided not to go forward with the plan outside of the EU until they have a working solution to memorialize the accounts of the deceased.

While the exact plan is still not confirmed, Twitter plans to enforce the inactive account policy in all the regions. This is done in an effort to comply with local privacy laws and Twitter aims to follow them.

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