Twitter plans to start deleting inactive accounts in December


27, 2019

Author Anmol // in Twitter

If you’re someone who hasn’t logged into Twitter recently then you might want to do it soon. The company is now sending out emails notifying users to login back to Twitter if they want to keep the accounts. According to Twitter, deleting inactive accounts is just another effort to clean up the spam and inactive accounts.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the deletion will take months but will start on December 12th. If you’re someone who has been lurking around a username then the cleanup might get you your desired username. Twitter mentioned that they will be releasing usernames once their accounts are deleted. However, as Engadget points out, there’s a significant downside to this especially for people who are in hospitals for extended periods or might be deceased. Not only that but popular celebrities who have faded away but are still relevant might lose access to their accounts. Twitter has confirmed that they are working on a plan to memorialize accounts of the deceased but hasn’t shared the exact plans

The good news is that you don’t need to pretend to be active by spamming tweets. You will only need to login into your account before December 12th to let Twitter know that you’re active on the microblogging site.

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