Twitter Blue is now available globally

March 24, 2023
Twitter Blue Subscription

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When Elon Musk launched Twitter Blue, it was available to limited countries. But the company promised to bring to more markets in the coming months. True to its word, the company has officially launched its paid Blue subscription plan globally.

The official Twitter account on Twitter Blue recently tweeted about the global availability of the paid subscription plan. The pricing of the subscription plan will depend on the country you live. Also, it will cost different for different platforms. For example, if you get a subscription from the Twitter web, you will pay $8 a month as a fee, while Android and iOS users will have to pay $11 a month. Again, the above-mentioned monthly fees are for the US market.

A Twitter Blue subscription is something that you must have in order to get the verified badge alongside other new features. Those who earned their Blue badge before Elon Musk took charge as the company’s CEO will also have to pay to keep the badge. If you are a legacy Blue badge holder, you will have to pay the monthly subscription fee to maintain the badge and remain verified starting next month.

Along with the verification, Blue subscription will also offer many exclusive features, including prioritized ranking in conversations, half ads, long Tweets, Bookmark Folders, custom navigation, Edit Tweet, Undo Tweet, and more. The social media giant will continue to add more features in the future. Also, Blue subscribers will be able to test new features before it is available to non-paid users.

Meanwhile, Twitter is working on Blue for Business, a new subscription plan that will also offer Blue benefits to all the employees of businesses that are subscribed to Blue.

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