Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is no longer exclusive to Switch

May 27, 2019

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No More Heroes spin-off Travis Strikes Again is abandoning its Nintendo Switch exclusivity in favour of other platforms.

Announced at anime convention MomoCon 2019, and posted on Twitter by user HDKirin, the game will be coming to  PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. No Epic Store exclusivity here!

HDKirin noted that the panel showed off Director’s Cut introductions for the game’s many Death Drive games, hinting at an expanded version coming. Allegedly, director Suda51 also hinted that he would be at E3 2019.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a canonical sequel, but it isn’t the full-fledged number three that many fans are still waiting for. However, the game is a fun parodic title that has a lot of effort put in behind its goofy attitude.

Set seven years after the events of the second NMH game, protagonist Travis Touchdown and nemesis Badman get sucked into a demonic games console called the Death Drive MK-II. Within the console, Travis and Badman will fight through the worlds of other indie titles, six in total. Think Eat Lead but not total w*”k.

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While there is DLC for the game on Nintendo Switch, Suda51 didn’t state whether or not it would be included in the new versions.

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