Titanfall only has “one or two” people working on its problems

July 12, 2021
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During a “morning tea” livestream from Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza, he revealed that the Titanfall series only has “one or two” people working on it, as the focus is on Apex Legends

“You’re not abandoned,” Garza responded to a concerned Titanfall fan during the livestream, “It’s a game of wack a mole,” he further explained. Understanding the concern, he didn’t just want to give the cookie-cutter “we’re working on it,” despite having people in Respawn doing just that, as Garza understands that “you can only hear that so many times before it becomes useless.”

“Now it’s a different type of game with these people who DDOS and stuff like that, and blacklist and things like that,” Graza continued his explanation, being purposefully coy about just what’s going on behind the scenes as “you can’t telegraph our moves, we can’t say what we’re doing. All I can say is we’re working on it” 

Graza went on to reiterate that while there hasn’t been much vocal addressing of the problem, leading to these feelings of abandonment by Titanfall fans, it’s just that Respawn doesn’t want to be repeating the same “we’re working on it” rhetoric without explanation. 

“The thing is that we only have like one or two people on it because everyone else is on Apex, so don’t feel bad. It’s something that we do work on but these things take time. You can’t just press a button and it’s fixed magically.”  

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It’s hardly a surprise that Respawn doesn’t have more people devoted to the past Titanfall games, sure Titanfall 2 might have one of the best campaigns of the last generation with a fun multiplayer to boot, but it’s hardly Respawns cash cow at the moment. Occasional spikes in players usually brought in from Apex itself, can hardly demand as much attention as a game with a 100 million strong player base. 

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