Tinder Lite is headed to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries in weeks



Lite apps are all the rage now, with companies making smaller and more compact apps to be used by users who prioritise saving space and data.

Tinder is catching in on this trend with its own Tinder Lite app. Its aimed at uses who just want the core functionality of Twitter, like swiping and chatting. You won’t see the Feed (that no one uses anyway), you won’t see Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold (just yet), and you’ll probably not see gifs or any of the advanced tinder functionality the firm has been testing. But that’s the point of these Lite apps. Its to get users who aren’t already sold in them to give them a try, and then slowly transition them to the more fully-featured app if they’re interested. As far as updates to the app go, Tinder will be adding Tinder Plus and Gold subscriptions in the coming months though, money is a good motivator.

The app will become available in the coming weeks in Vietnam, but the firm plans to bring it to other Southeast Asian and South American regions soon via Google Play.

Similarly, Twitter, Spotify and Messenger have also released Lite apps over the past year.

Coverage: Jakarta Post, The Verge,

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