Peripheral developer Thrustmaster has unveiled details about the modular Thrustmaster eSwap Pro for PlayStation 4. It’s cool, but it’s very expensive.

Announced on Twitter back in September, the hot-swap controller will allow you to swap out controllers for different functions.

The eSwap Pro consists of numerous modules that be slotted into four different places. This will allow users to swap out different sticks, buttons and D-Pads along with their placement on the controller.

Customers will be able purchase modules of different colours for extra customisation, although with each colour pack coming in at €29.99 that might prove expensive. Other modules, such as a classic D-Pad and classic triggers, are available to pre-order.

The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro will include the following contents in its box:

  • 1 x eSwap Pro Controller gamepad
  • 2 x interchangeable short mini-stick modules
  • 2 x interchangeable grip modules
  • 2 x interchangeable triggers
  • 1 x interchangeable 4-direction D-pad module
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1 x screwdriver for removing the modules and triggers
  • 1 x small storage bag for screwdriver and cable
  • Quick start guide and warranty information

The controller will be available at retail for $180/€169.99. While it won’t release until November 5th, it appears to be an intriguing competitor to other Elite controllers.