This time its real – Windows 11 running on the Lumia 950XL (video)

Last week we incorrectly reported that Windows 11 had been ported to the Lumia 950XL, but the developer of the Windows 10 on the Lumia 950XL project reported that this was just a premature tease, but that a proper solution would not be long away.

Today Gustave Monce delivered, posted a video of the venerable Windows 10 Mobile handset winning Windows 11.

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It did not take too much work to port the OS, according to Monce only a day, and even better, he was able to port the phone stack from Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 11, allowing him to make phone calls.

While the move has little practicality, it is notable that Windows 11 appears to be running well on a 2016 handset, when Microsoft will ultimately not let anyone with a 2017 PC update to the OS.

via onMSFT

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