What the category of what is dead may never die, it did not take long for the Lumia 950XL to get Microsoft’s as yet unreleased operating system, Windows 11.

The usual suspects, who have already loaded Windows 10 and Windows 10x on the 2015 handset, have now managed to get Windows 11 running, despite some users with regular laptops struggling still.

We do not know yet how well the operating system runs on the handset, however, with the leaked version appearing to lack a proper tablet mode.

Given the skill of the developers however I suspect it will not be too long before fans can download an image from Github.

Update: Unfortunately it’s a bit too early. Gustave has now revealed that as an ARM build for Windows 11 has not leaked yet, the image he has posted was simply of RDP’ing into a W11 PC.  Maybe in a few months.