The Witcher 3 has instant loading on Xbox Series X

November 5, 2020
Witcher 3 Xbox Series S Xbox Series X

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That’s one Wild Hunt alright: The Witcher 3 on Xbox Series X loads unbelievably fast. 

A video posted by YouTuber Rubhen925 showed CD Projekt RED’s 2015 RPG loading a section of the game without even popping into the loading screen.

The YouTuber opened the game’s map and fast traveled a fair distance away. Instead of moving into a loading screen, The Witcher 3 just popped the player right where he needed to go.

Mind you, this is just the Xbox One X version of the game. While enhanced for Microsoft’s mid-gen refresh console, this isn’t the next-gen optimised version of the game that will be releasing next year.

However, that just makes these instant fast travels all the more exciting. Under backward compatibility, games on Xbox Series X don’t take full advantage of the internal SSD which can reach even faster speeds with Xbox Velocity Architecture integration.

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