The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition now available on Xbox One



A darker retelling of Batman: The Telltale Series has emerged from the shadows and The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition is now available for purchase on Xbox One.

The Shadows Edition of the game retells the iconic story of the caped crusader almost entirely in black and white, with only a few sparing splashes of colour used to emphasise crucial and visceral moments in the game’s story.

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According to a post from Matt Saia, VP of Creative Development at LCG Entertainment, Inc. on Xbox Wire, the Shadows Edition isn’t just a simple desaturation.

Instead, a small group of old and new Telltale artists took on the task of treating thousands of texture, lights, and VFX elements in order to convey the story in a brand new way.

Saia says that the goal was to “create a stylised interpretation of Batman: The Telltale Series that still respected the creative work of the original developers [while also taking] their vision into a new territory that fits the tone and world of Batman.”

Players who play The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition will always have the choice to switch between the Shadows version of the game and its original colourful version.

You can pick up The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition on the Microsoft Store for just $29.99 by following the link here. The purchase includes Batman: The Telltale Series (Episodes 1-5), Batman: The Enemy Within (Episodes 1-5), and the game’s brand new Shadows mode.

On a related Telltale note, in celebration of the announcement of The Wolf Among Us 2 at The Game Awards 2019, the Epic Games Store is offering up The Wolf Among Us for free until December 19th. Happy gaming!

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