The next-gen iPad mini may feature a ProMotion display



Apple took a while to join the high refresh rate screen bandwagon, but now it appears that the company wants to expand the technology to more devices. According to a Korean forum website, Apple is currently working on a new iPad mini that features an 8.3-inch ProMotion display, which is Apple’s fancy term for the 120 Hz screen refresh rate technology(via FrontTron).

While Android flagships have been offering high refresh screens for the last couple of years, Apple was quite reluctant to add it to its devices because there were concerns that it might lower the battery life. The Cupertino company finally did a course correction by introducing 120 Hz to the iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and the latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Interestingly, Apple still doesn’t offer a high refresh rate screen to its lower segment devices like the regular iPhone 13. But the fact that it’s working on a 120 Hz display for the next-gen iPad mini gives us hope that we might see a high refresh rate screen on non-Pro iPhone models sometime in the future.

The website also gives us additional details about Apple’s upcoming mini tablet. It says iPad mini 6 Pro is its tentative name, and the base variant of the product offers 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. The new iPad mini 6 Pro, or whatever Apple ends up calling it, will be powered by a 3.23GHz A15 processor, according to the Korean forum website. The website also says that it will cost slightly higher than the existing iPad mini 6, though the details about the exact pricing are not yet known.

Apple proved all the leakers wrong when it launched the Apple Watch Series 7 — instead of going flat, it got even more rounded — and the same could happen to this iPad leak as well. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated about all the latest leaks about Apple’s upcoming iPads, so stay tuned.

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