The minging Tesla Cybertruck has been modded into Goldeneye 007


28, 2019

The meme potential of the disgusting Tesla Cybertruck has not dried up yet. Goldeneye 007 is the next target.

With the brutalist design of Tesla’s monstrosity leading to its appearance being reminiscent of an N64 game, modders have proceeded to place the design back into its era environment.

So now the Tesla Cybertruck is in an N64 game, one of the most popular ones, too. The infamous Rare video game Goldeneye 007 has now been populated with the vehicular trapezoid terror.

YouTuber Graslu00 displayed the modded version of the classic N64 title on their YouTube channel in a three minute video.

The original version of this mission sees the iconic James Bond driving a tank, but this mod swaps that out for the most hideous vehicle I’ve ever seen.

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With the Cybertruck’s supposedly bulletproof windows – if they ever work – it should be a pretty swagger vehicle for Bond to spy around in. Although, it would stand out quite a bit…

For more news on the Cybertruck, check out this piece on why the vehicle may end up in Cyberpunk 2077.

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