After spotting a leaked listing for this months PlayStation Plus on Twitter, Bloober team have spoken out to announce that no, The Medium won’t be part of this months PlayStation Plus. 

“People are asking me if it’s true. No. The Medium will launch on PS5 on 3rd September, with DualSense support, but it definitely will not be available in PS+” Bloober Team’s CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski announced on Twitter alongside a mockup of PlayStation’s announcement. 

The other games listed in this ‘leaked’ PlayStation Plus listing are Haven and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 however neither of these games’ developers have commented on the validity of this image. 

With Bloober Team already revealing that the image isn’t accurate, it’s possible that none of the games proposed in this image will be part of PlayStation Plus for the month of September, but we’ll only know for sure once PlayStation makes their official announcement, which should be happening later this week. 

While The Medium would have been a great addition to PlayStation Plus’ roster, hopefully, whatever is included instead is a more than worthy replacement, especially if Sony wants to keep up with Xbox who’re releasing four brand new games onto Xbox Game Pass on day one throughout this latter half of August.