The Medium is coming to PS5

June 16, 2021
The Medium

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After being rated for the PlayStation 5 just over a week ago by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Bloober Team have finally confirmed the release to make it official. 

The PlayStation 5 release won’t just be a straight copy of the Xbox Series X|S and PC versions we’ve been enjoying for half a year now, as the PlayStation 5 version of The Medium is getting the consoles killer feature, DualSense. 

With the powerful haptic feedback from the DualSense controller rumbling through your fingers, The Medium on PlayStation 5 may be the most immersive way yet to play this spooky Dual-Reality adventure. 

In our review, we thought that The Medium was a “deeply captivating and powerful experience,” that had me “supernaturally glued to the controller.” Now with extra added haptic feedback, that supernatural glue may be all the more captivating, making Bloober Team’s Dual-Reality horror thriller a great addition to the PlayStation 5’s lineup of games. 

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The Medium is due out on PlayStation 5 on September 3rd 2021 with both a digital and a physical release.

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