In the run up to Season 8, Fortnite has teased pirates, snakes, and fiery ash monsters. Now, just when it seemed like there was nothing else that could faze us, there’s been a slippery twist.

The fourth and final teaser for Fortnite Season 8, posted on the official Fortnite Twitter, features a banana. Not just any banana, though – this one appears to have relatively shell shocked eyes and a mouth.

The riddle reads as follows:

Explore the world
Challenge your fate
Unearth the secrets
Adventure awaits.

This time round, the riddle doesn’t really leave anything to the imagination. It’s short and sweet – there’s new loot and new adventures to be had with the arrival of Season 8.

It’s the seemingly sentient potassium-filled fruit in the picture that’s the real mystery here. Could it be a new skin in the form of a giant banana suit? A new weapon that shoots banana peels? An efficient way to prevent scurvy? Who knows!

As before, this intrepid reporter put all 4 images together (in Photoshop this time!) to reveal something bigger. The final image shows a skull, a volcano, several mysterious cracks, and plenty of fire.

Ash, “Completed Fortnite Teaser, OC Do Not Steal”, 2019. Photoshop. 1280px by 720px.

Hopefully, all the answers to our pirate-snake-fiery-ash-beast-banana related questions will arrive tomorrow, February 28th, along with Fortnite Season 8.

Source: Fortnite on Twitter.