Yesterday, we reported on the first Fortnite Season 8 teaser that featured a pirate theme, a short riddle, and an image of a hand with a hook.

Today, the tables have turned. A new teaser has slithered its way onto the scene, featuring a brand new riddle and an image of a snake.

The new riddle reads as follows:

Sssomething shimmers
Within the cave…
But beware of those
Who arrive on waves.

The riddle appears to be a little more straightforward than yesterday’s. The first part implies that there’s treasure to be found, and the second hints to be wary of seafaring folk, also known as pirates. This could indicate some sort of battle between the two groups.

However, that’s not all. This intrepid Fortnite reporter took it one step further and expertly edited the two teaser images so far together to reveal what looks like the upper half of a skull.

Ash, “Fortnite Teasers Together”, 2019. MSPaint. 1456px by 666px.

The snake’s neck and head form the left eye socket while the hook forms the right. It’s not too clear what the nose is made of and it could just be negative space.

Conspiracy theories and MS Paint masterpieces aside, the snake teaser has promising potential. Fortnite Season 8 could have snakes on planes. Snakes on trains. Snakes in the plains.

I’m not too sure how snake-themed skins would work, unless players were given the option to literally shed their skins, but there could be a Medusa-themed skin.

We’ll be reporting on the remaining teasers as they arrive and we’ll have plenty of theorising to go with them. Stay tuned!

Fortnite Season 8 arrives on February 28th.

Source: Fortnite on Twitter.