First, there were pirates. Then, there were snakes. Now, there’s… fiery ash monsters?

The third teaser for Fortnite Season 8 is a bit of a mystery. Like its predecessors, it’s simply a tweet with a mystifying riddle and an image, but this time it’s a little bit more confusing.

The riddle reads as follows:

Awaken beasts
Of fire and ash
Battle it out
And loot the stash.

All three teasers so far have hinted at new loot or treasure in-game, so the second part is straightforward. The first part is where things start to get perplexing.

The first riddle hinted at pirates and had an image of a pirate hook to go with it. The second hinted at snakes and had an image of a snake to go with it.

The third riddle appears to potentially hint at dragons, as they’re typically associated with being ‘beasts of fire and ash’. However, the teaser image is something else entirely.

The creature in the image looks like a mix between a cat, a dragon, and a snake. It appears to have a scaled forehead, but with a feline nose and teeth.

This intrepid reporter once again took it upon themselves to edit the teaser images together, revealing more of a skull and what looks like part of a volcano at the bottom.

Ash, “Fortnite Teasers Together Again”, 2019. MSPaint. 1456px by 1230px.

There’s a chance that the in-game cracks that are appearing across the map are heralding the arrival of a once-dormant volcano.

This volcano could potentially spawn ‘beasts of fire and ash’ – which may be the strange snake-cat-dragon monsters pictured above.

The last Fortnite teaser is due to arrive tomorrow and should hopefully help put all the clues together and clear up this mystery. We’ll be reporting on it as soon as it’s available, so stay tuned.

Fortnite Season 8 arrives on February 28th.

Source: Fortnite on Twitter.