The Division 2’s first year of post-launch content revealed; free updates with paid early access

February 27, 2019

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 recently broke down its post-launch content in a new trailer.

Focusing on the first year of post-launch support, The Division 2 is appearing to be well supported. With the first year of content being released for free, it seems like a steal.

Those who purchase the game’s season pass will get access to the post-launch content 7 days early.

Alongside this, they’ll gain instant access to new specializations, new Base of Operations Projects, bounty targets, Classified Assignments, and exclusive customization¬†options.

The free content is as follows so far:

  • Tidal Basin Stronghold
  • Operation Dark Hours (8-person raid)
  • Three Episodes
  • Three specializations
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If you want to see more content on The Division 2, check out this article on the game’s open beta. Or you could read this article on the game’s Epic Store exclusivity.

We’re excited to hopefully bring you more content on The Division 2 sometime soon.

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