Dbrand introduces custom skins for Tesla Cybertruck


26, 2019

Author Anmol // in Tesla

Dbrand has always been one of those companies that loves taking a jab at other companies. The company is back again and this time they are helping customers cover their expensive mistake, literally. While Tesla has been in the news for right/wrong reasons (depends on whom you ask), Dbrand decided to take the opportunity to introduce their newest creation- Tesla Cybertruck skin.

Since the launch of Cybertruck, people have been requesting Elon to introduce a Matt Black version of the pickup truck. While Elon confirmed that they will be making a black Cybertruck there’s no ETA at the moment. However, if you’re one of the loyal fans who is planning to get the vehicle then you can buy a full black Cybertruck skin from Dbrand. The folks over at Dbrand added every small detail into the design which even includes two shattered windows.

The full skin will set you back for over $3,000 but that’s just change compared to the $40,000 you will be shelling out for the base variant of the Cybertruck. If you are one of the 200,000 people who have already reserved the Cybertruck then make sure you check out the Cybertruck skins from Dbrand.

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