Teardown of the Apple Mac Pro reveals how easy it is to repair or upgrade it

Apple hasn’t always been the best company when it comes to repairability. The company’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pro scored a mere 1 on iFixit’s repairability scale. However, it looks like Apple finally understood the importance of allowing users to repair their devices.

As per iFixit’s latest teardown of the Apple Mac Pro, the company has done a great job of making sure the PC is easy to upgrade or repair. With the maxed out variant costing more than $50,000, anyone would want to keep it for as long as possible. The great thing is that Apple also understood this and made sure the Apple Mac Pro is easy to open and upgrade. Due to this, the Mac Pro managed to score 9 out of 10 on the repairability scale. iFixit summarised the teardown with the following bullet points.

  • The opening procedure couldn’t be easier.
  • Basic repairs and upgrades can be performed with standard tools or even no tools at all.
  • Major components are highly modular and use industry-standard sockets and interfaces, making replacements and upgrades a snap.
  • Apple provides some step numbers and diagrams right on the device, and publishes free repair manuals for some repairs to help you get it right.
  • The SSDs cards are modular, but custom-made by Apple, complicating replacement.
  • If you need a replacement part that’s not on Apple’s limited list of approved repairs, you’ll likely pay a dizzying price—if you can find them at all.

This is great news creators and filmmakers who are the actual target audience for the product. Moreover, the teardown of the Apple Mac Pro could also be an indication of what we might see from Apple in the future. While laptops and smartphones are not meant to be fiddled with or upgraded, PCs usually come with upgrade paths and Apple has provided plenty to the Mac Pro owners.

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