We reported recently that the remit of Windows 10X appears to be expanding, starting with dual-screen laptops to normal clamshells and more recently IoT Kiosks. Along the way, it appears to be displacing other Windows shells Microsoft has been working on such as the Polaris and IoT shell.

Now the WC reports that the writing is on the wall for the Aruba shell, meant for the Surface Hub 2x,  also and that Microsoft may be flushing the work they have done on this Windows Core OS presentation layer in favour of the ever-expanding Windows 10X.

Reportedly the Surface Hub 2X itself has not been cancelled, and will eventually arrive with Windows 10X sometime in 2020.

The Surface Hub 2x shell news does bring into question the work Microsoft is doing on other shells, such as Oasis, that runs on the Hololens 2.  Having the same shell for all the different experiences may however impact how well adapted the software is to its use case, the reason why Microsoft was separating the shell from the Core OS in the first instance. It is clear however there has been a major change of plans between 2017 and today, and Microsoft may simply have bitten off much more than they can chew development-wise.

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