Surface Duo owners are experiencing a long list of bugs due to Android 12L Update

November 9, 2022

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Different Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 owners reported experiencing problems after getting the Android 12L update. With this, an update for the said devices is expected in the coming days and weeks.

Shane Craig showing a list of Surface Duo Android 12L update bugs

The problems with the Surface Duo Android 12L update vary from one user to another, with affected owners reporting them on different platforms. 

“Very frustrating not being able to hotspot my phone,” one Surface Duo owner complained on the Microsoft community. “Once I turn it on, it turns it off automatically and sometimes Settings App crashes. Basically, I can’t use this feature anymore. I could mention other bugs I have that matter, but this one is the worst.”

Android 12L introducing MORE bugs on Surface Duo?

Others confirmed the problem, while more revealed more bugs as the topic spread to other places. Shane Craig, a Surface Duo enthusiast who recently divulged the experimental “force desktop mode” in the update, said he’s also facing the same issues. In his latest YouTube video, Craig also enumerated the problems reported by users from Reddit and YouTube, resulting in a long list of bugs.

Some items on the list include phones unable to charge, apps not appearing even when launched, 5G absence, the inability to close apps from Recent Apps, screenshot hotkey failure, sluggishness, black screen, unfunctional mic and speaker, and more.

Microsoft still has no comments about the problem, but with the size of this issue among Surface Duo users, the company is probably aware of it now and working on a solution.

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