Microsoft releases Android 12L update for Surface Duo; New features, UI improvements available

October 25, 2022

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Microsoft is now rolling out its Android 12L update for Surface Duo and Duo 2, and the improvements only blur the line between Windows and Duo devices further. This is through the user interface changes and familiar experiences introduced in the update, which is 3.2GB in total size.

A huge part of the Android 12L update focuses on the visual changes in the system to help it align with the looks of the Windows OS. Specifically, you’ll notice it in the devices’ Quick Settings and System Settings alongside the subtle improvements in the notification shade and Microsoft Launcher activity feed. There are also gesture animations to try. Additionally, the update includes four new wallpapers that users can choose from, and as expected, the entirety of their design elements reflect the aura of Windows 11.

New Surface Duo wallpapers included in Android 12L update

The update also introduces a new Pen menu that will display up to four app shortcuts of your choice when you click the top button of your Surface Slim Pen 2. And aside from the quick access to specific apps, the menu will also show the pen’s battery percentage.

Surface Duo and Surface Slim Pen 2

The Android 12L update also improves other sections of Duo devices with specific highlights in accessibility, privacy, and widgets. It brings new conversation widgets that allow users to pin chats on their home screen and a new Privacy dashboard that will show the apps’ camera, microphone, and location usages. As for the accessibility side, the update comes with new magnification, brightness, and color management tools.

Lastly, the Android 12 update promotes better phone data transfer even if you need to get the files from an iPhone. With the streamlined process, users either use a cable or connect to Wi-Fi when transferring data during the initial setup process.

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