If Xbox’s Summer Game Fest Demo Event didn’t have enough for you, then Steam is here to save the day, with over 700 demos for you to try during the Steam Next Fest. 

If we wanted to try and list all the games, as we did for the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event, we’d be here all week so thankfully Steam has put together a handy categorized trailer to show off some Steam Next Fest highlights.

With a mountain of demo’s available for you to play, thankfully Steam has set up genre categories for you to browse through so you’re not just left sorting aimlessly through the immense pile. 

The “Trending Upcoming Games” section is a good place to start if you just want to dive in, as this list features the like of Sable, Terra Nil, Road 96, UnMetal, and Omno, each one of which has a demo available for you to try. 

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Running from the 16th of June to the 22nd, the Steams Next Fest is dedicated to celebrating upcoming games, hence all demo’s available. Throughout the week there will also be “oodles of livestreams” for you to watch from developers who can show off and explain a little more about their games.