Stadia players wont lose their games if publishers abandon the platform


9, 2019

Google Stadia’s cloud-gaming offerings are intriguing for many, but many are also worried about the service’s longevity. According to Google, Stadia players will still have access to their games if publishers abandon the project.

In an update to the service’s FAQ, Google announced that players will have access to their purchased games as long as Google themselves support the service.

“Once you purchase the game, you own the right to play it. In the future, it is possible that some games may no longer be available for new purchases, but existing players will still be able to play the game,” the FAQ reads. “Outside of unforeseen circumstances, Stadia will aim to keep any previously purchased title available for gameplay.”

The main issue at hand is still how Google will handle games if Google pulls out of Stadia. With many projects by the big G getting killed less than a year after launch, RIP Google Glass, how will players access their games? Will offline downloads be available upon cancellation? We’re guessing not.

With so many games in the digital age getting delisted, at least players will still be able to play purchased games on Stadia. With recent issues like Minecraft: Story Mode and Alan Wake, gamers are worried that the games they purchase do not belong to them.

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